Million dollar poker players

Every year, thousands of people flock to Las Vegas to compete in the annual World Series of Poker in hopes of winning the coveted championship bracelet and to become an instant million dollar poker player.  However, it wasn’t always so, as prior to 1991 the top prize was not even one million dollars.  But every year since then it has been, with 2014 paying the winner a cool ten million dollars.  But not only did the WSOP Main Event winner become a millionaire, but pretty much every person at the final table did too!

Obviously though one has to have much skill and luck to make it all the way.  Many have tried to repeat, but only a handful of players have succeeded in doing so.  Even crazier is that many of the recent winners have been unknowns and were not even professional poker players.  Many won their $10,000 buy in playing online poker and once the event was over become worldwide sensation…not to mention instant millionaires!

But it’s not just Las Vegas where you can become an instant millionaire playing poker.  The World Poker Tour host poker events around the world quite frequently, thus allowing players of all caliber to achieve success playing poker.  And yes, there are people that play poker for a living, so dream big my friend, and maybe you too will become million dollar poker player!

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