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Everyday more and more people are searching for ways to make money online.  Most of these people are looking for get rich quick items because they have heard that anyone can make money online.  Unfortunately these fortune seekers wind up spending more money and never actually make a penny online and ultimately give up in their quest.  Well I’m here to tell you that you do not have to be one of those people!

Making money online really is easy, IF you have the desire, drive and mindset to make it work.  While money doesn’t grow on trees, it can be made relatively simple online with no experience necessary.  You just have to be willingly to put forth a little time and effort to learn some basics, and much of this basic information can be found online for free!  Stop wasting your money searching for opportunity when opportunity is already right in front of you!

To make money online is simple.

First, you will need a website and a web host.  I recommend Cyberwurx as a great place to start, as i have personally used them for nearly ten years now with virtually zero downtime.  I also offer free web hosting as part of my personal money making coaching program over at Internet Fortunes.  You can even get a site online by using such blog platform sites like Blogger and if you decide not to register a domain name.  Heck, you can even simply make an account over at and simply make splash pages advertising products and offers.  Based on this there really is no excuse why you can’t make money online.

Second, you will need to figure out what you are going to promote to make money.  There are numerous programs out there, such as contextual advertising where you get paid for every surfer who clicks an ad (Google Adsense, Kontera & Chitika), cost per action, where you get paid for your user when they complete offers, and affiliate marketing, where you get paid a commission on all sales when your visitors make purchases on other sites (Amazon, Best Buy, etc).   Out of these three options, the easiest is through contextual advertising with Google Adsense.

Once you have figured out how you want to make money online, you need to build a website or webpage to advertise on.  If using Google Adsense, a well written article will draw in matching ads, and when your surfers click those ads you will make money.  Monetary amounts vary based on what was bid by the advertiser and of course what market you are writing for.  Some pay pennies while others pay upwards to $20, so just one ad click could have you earning a good amount per day.  Of course you won’t make anything if you don’t market your site as it’s the visitors that you need to get flowing in and out of your site, so traffic generation is one area that you will need to focus on once your website is up and running.

If you follow the basic guideline above there is absolutely no way that you will NOT be making money online.  Even if it’s just a dollar a day, take the knowledge you gained by making that one single dollar and replicate it.  Make ten more sites/pages similar to it, send traffic to them and soon you’ll be making ten dollars per day online.  Continue multiplying and you’ll eventually be making one hundred dollars per day online!  Really, it is that simple, but it takes time and effort, which most are not willing to put forth.  Once you get this through your head you’ll truly see how easy it is to make money online.  Who knows, you might just wind up being the next internet millionaire!

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