Being a Person of Action

Well quite simply as the title states, in order to be a success and achieve ones goals, you have to be a person of action.  That means simply that you have to outline your plan, set your goals, then take steps to ensure that these things happen.  Then and only then will your goals be met and your plan become a success.

Anyways, I wrote the above to remind myself that it takes dedication, perseverance and action in order to achieve the goals I have set for myself.  August is turning out to be just like the previous few months with no real gain in income, partly due to my lack of planning, unforeseen tasks that we placed upon me, and yes the weather!  Having sporadic internet and power for three days last week certainly did not help me one bit.

However, the real weight I have been dragging around is the lack of action.  It seems I do get online daily, but once I am finished with my online session I have not accomplished anything towards achieving my goals.  This I find is mostly once again procrastination, lack of discipline and lack of a written plan of attack.

So with that I will spend the remaining part of today writing out what my goals are, the tools I will use to accomplish these goals, and the actual steps I will need to take on a daily basis before I do anything else online.

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