Money Really Does Grow On Trees

Ok, so money really doesn’t grow on trees. However, there is money to be made in growing trees. Over 20 years ago my younger brother and I helped our father start a small mail order tree nursery. Our dad placed some classified ads in a few of the local papers advertising Colorado Blue Spruce tree seedlings for sale, to be delivered in the Spring for planting. He ordered the trees from a nursery supplier in Pennsylvania, and when the trees came in we helped pack and ship them to the customers. Today he has a full fledged tree nursery and landscape business in Mid-Western Wisconsin that still serves both mail order and drive in customers. Here is proof that money doesn’t grow on trees, but instead there is money to be made selling trees.

So with that being said, older brother and I started growing some trees on his 5 acres in Central Florida about 4 years ago. Through these years we’ve had many pitfalls, such as having to move the location of the trees several times, dealing with hurricanes, heat, and freezes (yes it freezes in Florida too!), and then our biggest hurdle is dealing with weeds. Potted plants can be a so troublesome to keep weeded, especially when you are dealing with some herbicide sensitive plants like palm trees. But the trees that have survived all this are looking better and better, and with Mother Nature doing a lot of the work for us, this will be another case of money not growing on trees but money earned by selling trees. Of course we have to sell them, but I believe our plan for future sales is solid. Some of the trees have already outgrown there pots and we need to sell them quick, so these will be finding their way to eBay shortly.

Another aspect of my making one million dollars online mission involves the successful startup of my own online tree nursery. This has already been started with the development of my domain  This domain really just started out as my whatever domain, but with it being well aged and already in the SERP’s, I figured it best to revamp this site for my present tree nursery info.  Besides, why re-invent the wheel when I can just emulate what I know has worked for someone else, ie. my father.  This site generated me a few tree sales, of which my father dropshipped for me, so there was no product handling myself.  This was a very convenient way for me to make some easy money online, but the true money from trees will come in selling my own products and reaping all the profit from those sales.  This will come in do time, and this will be another project I will be discussing further during my quest to make one million dollars online.

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